Welcome to rezvanilab in Berlin!

We develop strategies for in vivo tissue regeneration & we build multi-tissue organoids to study development and injury.

The Rezvani lab at Charité University Medicine Berlin –a team of biologists and clinician-scientists– aims to identify new signals that restore normal liver function and stimulate regeneration in cases of chronic injuries.

To achieve this, we create innovative human organoids with “its own” immune system to reverse-engineer disease processes since many chronic liver diseases are driven by inflammation.

Our “toolbox” also includes humanized mice, CRISPR screens, multiplexed patient specimen analysis, computational predictions and more. We believe in methodical creativity, transparency, teamwork, diversity, hard + focused work to move the field forward.

Our ultimate goal is to develop therapeutic strategies for chronic liver diseases by reprogramming fibro-inflammatory tissue signals. Importantly, we regard many rare pediatric liver diseases as “real-life” models for common conditions.